Holy Carp! Fly Tournament 


Most total inches of carp winners

1st place          John Shank                    121.5"        5 Grass                                                                                 Carp

2nd place        Ryan Keel                      95.25"       4                                                                    Smallmouth Buffalo

3rd place        Nick Pasciak                  62.5"         1 Grass                                                                   Carp 2 Buffalo


Longest fish other than a carp

Zach Wallace      23.5"  Spotted Gar


We had a great turn out this year. With more participants and way more fish entered. 10 Grass Carp, 8 Smallmouth Buffalo and 3 Common Carp all totaling 460" of carp!!! Thanks to everyone who makes this possible including our contestants, Sponsors and of course Bayou City Angler for hosting us! I look forward to next year being even better! Bring your A game guys and gals!

"Weigh-in" Location

Bayou City Angler Fly Shop
3641 Westheimer Rd
Houston, TX, 77027


Tournament Sponsors