Houston Fly Fishing Report 7/9/18

Note: Water is off color as of the last two days but will clear back up soon!

Lake Houston- Great time for early morning and late even popper bites and working structure with streamers the rest of the day. More creek and river fishing this time of year(its a great time of year to beat the heat wet wading). Largemouth bass, Spotted bass, sunfish and Channel cats have all been playing along lately with some shots at gar and carp also. 

Lake Conroe- Bowfin have been shallow with some shots at some bigger fish over 4 lbs. We have also been running into some shallow Largemouth bass, Freshwater Drum, decent Bluegill, Spotted gar and big Grass carp while poking around for Bowfin.

Urban Bayous- Grass carp have been most prevelent doing there thing with some occasionally surface feeding. Alligator and Spotted gar have been showing up here and there and when you find them they will typically eat a deceiver or any baitfish that doesnt sink to fast. Finding some Commons here there hanging out with Buffalo or typically around structure. Tilapia and Channel catfish have been keeping scattered along to so keep an eye out!

Private water Ranch- Bass are taking poppers early in the morning and late in the evening and occasionally a blue poppper worked slow mid day. Rest of the time chunk a streamer and hold on. Bluegill are as viscous as ever eating pretty much all day sometimes slowing down in the heat of the day.